Andrea Soddu

Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the Western University.  Collaboration : Neuroimaging to predict Coma Emergence and Recovery (NICER), NIH, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore.  James S. McDonnell Foundation – Collaborative study of recovery of consciousness after severe brain injury (New York, London, Cambridge and Liège). 

“In periods like we are living nowadays in which governments of even extremely influential countries seem to put into discussion the relevance of environmental changes on the human race the question that comes natural is why are some politicians so stubborn in denying the importance of preserving the environment. The answer probably finds its reason in our apparent ability to protect ourselves from natural adversities like drops in temperature or raised in humidity and so on. 

This goes in parallel with the incredible adaptability of the human being, something shared with all biological organisms, to react to environmental changes. Strategic organs like the brain or the heart will not properly function if for example the body temperature will start deviating even marginally from the normal value, and only extremely efficient mechanisms of adaptation of the full body to the environment, permit to keep such vital stable conditions. 

But we now know that with aging or because of pathological conditions these mechanisms of response to environmental changes can start failing and it becomes extremely important to understand what are the ranges of change that can be tolerated by the organism and when instead they can start jeopardizing the condition of the patient. 

The Rinbeat device with its environmental box will for the first time provide the possibility to understand on a large scale how the body responds to environmental changes in healthy subjects and for pathological conditions. Finally the database, which we expect will be soon accumulated is going to be of extreme importance for creating the guidelines of safe conductance in pathological conditions like for example heart deficits for which changes in the environmental parameters can severe compromise the condition of the patient.”



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